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I thrive on ingenuity ;)

I am a dedicated and imaginative corporate web and graphic designer with 10+ years of experience in varying graphical applications such as; print production, mobile user interface, front-end web design, web development and illustration. I obtained my diploma in Graphic Design and Packaging with Honors from Humber College in 2000 and then successfully completed the post-graduate degree in Internet Management the following year, in 2001. I focus my energy on meticulously crafting responsive designs for web and user interfaces that adhere to modern user experience approaches and guidelines.

A Histoy Lesson
a little light reading

Even at young age, I remember taking apart my toys and putting them together in some frankenstein way. I was fueled by my parents complaining that I destroyed another toy. I chalked it up to necessity of change than anything else. Call it what you will, it paved the way to how I handle many of the tasks and challenges I face as a designer and developer.

If you were to ask people about me, the ones who really knew me, they would say I cant leave anything alone. I'm always tinkering. Be it my car, my motorcycle or challenging myself to improve a piece of work that I have completed already. It's the need to push and create something different, something new, something that will catch peoples attention and say 'that's awesome' or 'huh, that's not what I was thinking'. So, the last one is not what you always hope to hear, but as a creative person, you have to take the good with the bad. Besides, if everything you do is always praised but never criticized, do you really feel like you've accomplished the task? There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

My most standout memory of starting to draw was when I was 4 or 5. I had my Mom teach me how to do a 3D-esq car based on a Hot wheel I had. You know, trace the outline and add details. but this took it a step further. From there it led to numerous paintings and doodles (by which I'm sometimes called by a client of mine) to large poster sized mess's of cityscapes and bizarre contraptions. I keep close a fascination with E.D. 209 from the Robocop movies and how I could have made him look truly bad-ass if I had a chance to re-design him. The natural talent for art and drawing was always there, so it seemed natural to dive into that industry. After 3 years of Print & Design at Humber College, I landed a interim at a vinyl shop where i got to work with some truly archaic software that worked with some truly remarkable machinery.

Have you ever seen a florescent tube light bulb (you know the ones found in office lights) turn on without being plugged into anything. I mean just being held in someone's hand? I have, it was because it was near a seaming machine that just so happened to emit a crazy level of energy/radiation. I'm sure it wasn't good for me, but what a trick!

But thanks to that interimship I got a job doing vinyl and large format printing for a tradeshow company. Learning the ropes doing print finishing is very demanding and the slightest mistake, no, scratch that, piece of dust or speck and ruin hours worth of laminating and cost a boatload of money to re-print. Needless to say, I valued my time there, but it was gruesome!

The rest you can read in my CV!

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